Who is Caitriona Ellis?

My name is Caitriona Ellis and I am Mom to three adorable monkeys – a 7 year old boy, a 5 year old girl and a 3 year old boy. Lots of you ask to see pictures of my tots but I don’t post pictures of these angels as I feel they are too precious and young to expose in the public domain.

In 2008 I had my first baby and his arrival resulted in me just totally reprioritizing my life. I had absolutely no idea before my son arrived as to how life would be, as I’m sure you can identify with. I had whole-heartedly decided that I was going to go back to work because I really enjoyed my job, so I was keen to go back and pick up from where I left off.

My background academically began with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in University College Cork, Ireland. Shortly after, I entered the workforce in the financial services industry. I’ve been in that industry since 1998 until I resigned in the Summer of 2011 working for companies such as Barclays, ING and Bank of Ireland. My work experience has seen me involved in a huge variety of roles chiefly in the areas of sales and marketing across Ireland, UK, Australia and the United States of America. In more recent times, my expertise has been expanded to include NLP, wealth management and internet marketing.

So back to babies and six months into my maternity leave I realized that there was just no way on earth that I could return to my job. I became quite panicked at that stage as I needed the income and had no idea as how I could replace it. So I became totally focused on finding out how I could manage it so that I was home with my son whilst still earning an income. I spent a number of months researching various options which would allow me to stay home with my baby.

Initially I had 3 sources of income 1) my business ‘Undercover Escape’ where I have the opportunity to be an entrepreneur in an area I am passionate about, 2) affiliate marketing – where I earn commission from selling my select choice of products and  services created by other people and 3) I sell my skillset to other business owners – event management and internet marketing. Now my income is generated from two areas, firstly my business and passion ‘Undercover Escape’ including a passive income from my ebooks in Amazon. I also work with a small number of companies on their online marketing.

In my own turmoil, I observed a need in the market for a solution which would help other Moms find their escape route. So whilst on maternity leave I established a business, ‘Undercover Escape’ which I now run. Undercover Escape is all about helping other mothers  find their escape route. I love my work as it is very satisfying and fulfilling to help Moms have the life they really want with their families. My own personal experience ensures that I identify very well with people who are in that situation because not so long ago I was in that same situation. I passionately believe that every Mom should feel they have a choice and never feel there is no way out.

Personally, I love being a Mom, I find it therapeutic, most days 😉 I believe wholeheartedly that it is the single most important responsibility I will ever have in my life – being responsible for shaping a little person and their experience of this world. Mainly this excites me, but sometimes it terrifies me. My children make me laugh constantly, they challenge me daily, they amaze me and they help me grow and be a better person. Coincidentally the Moms I work with have similar thoughts, so if this sounds like you and you are in a rut, connect with me and let’s see how we can work together to give you and your family a better life. Email me at: caitriona@undercoverescape.com

To Your Successful Undercover Escape,

Caitriona Ellis

P.S. As of 31st July 2012 I am now a published author on Amazon – yay! :))
The Motive

At Undercover Escape, I believe that every Mom should have the life they wish. Becoming a Mom should not equal subscribing to a life of guilt and Momflcit (i.e.Moms & Conflict) from there on out. Every Mom should have the where-with-all to stay home with her kids, if that’s what she desires. I know that there are tonnes of Moms out there who are in jobs they don’t want to be in, but do so primarily for the income.

It seems to me that there is a massive belief out there in our society that says that this is the way it has to be. Undercover Escape is here to bust that myth. It is possible to have a job you love from home PLUS be with your kids when you want. I’ve done it time and time again with my clients and I believe if that’s what a Mom wants, then that’s what she should have.

So Undercover Escape are on a mission, one Mom at a time, to provide help, support and advice to Moms who want out. Experience has taught me that each family is different, which is why my approach is tailormade to how your family works and what it needs. So if you want out, join me and I will ensure that you find your undercover escape so that you can have the life you want for you and your family. Check out our Undercover Escape tools to see the different ways we can help you start plotting your undercover escape.