The Gremlin Stopping Your Escape…

What do you think is the biggest obstacle to you realising your escape?

With a lot of the Mums I work with I would say that fear is the biggest obstacle for them.

Fear that they will run out of money. (read more…)


My ‘Why’s…

Following on from discovering your why. I thought about my why and wanted to share nt ‘whys’ with you, as it may help you in nailing yours.

I want to be home with my littlies as I believe that the most valuable thing that I can give them right now is my love. By being their primary care giver, I have the opportunity to give them as much love as I possibly can. (read more…)


Your crying why!?

Your why should make you cry!

Huh?! These were the wise words imparted to me by a mentor of mine, Carrie Wilkerson, aka The Barefoot Executive a number of years ago.

What she meant was the reasons that you are making your escape should be so emotive and motivating to you, that regardless of what life throws at you, you keep on going. (read more…)


Is your Destination Known or Unknown?

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.

A simple statement but with profound implications.

Do you know where you are going?

In order to get there, you need to put a plan in place.

Simple steps to a life well spent. A life without regrets. A life lived with intent not aimless meandering. (read more…)


What a 96 yo has to do with your escape?

Hope you had a nice weekend ladies.

Over the weekend I heard an interview with a girl who worked as a hospice nurse. The 23 year old girl was astounded as this 96 year old woman as she declared to her as she died that if she had her time over again, she would things very differently. (read more…)