Vlog..Where it all began…

Decided this week to do a Vlog instead of the weekly blog…as it was 7 years yesterday that my world changed. I am also doing a 30 day video challenge so this has reminded me of the wonder of video and what it can do. Also worth considering for some of you, as it’s a wonderful way to connect with your audience. Enjoy Caitriona



Daddy’s Role in Your Escape Plans

What is your husband/partners role in your escape? Does he have one? Is it a solo run?

The best answer I have found to this is a big fat YES. Yes your husband/partner does have a very significant role in your escape. His support is critical to your progress, your motivation, your determination. (read more…)


Flexibility is Your Friend

Do you think that flexibility has a part to play in your escape? It does and it is vital. Why so? Well even with the best laid escape plan, curve balls can come your way and being flexible allows you to navigate around whatever arises whilst still keeping your eye on your end goal. (read more…)

Bye bye comfort zone again!

So Casa Ellis are bearing up for a move of house, country, employment! At this stage we are 99% sure, but are awaiting final confirmation. We are looking at upping sticks to the Isle of Man. We have been reviewing it for about a month and have decided to definitely go for it. Now we are awaiting confirmation as to whether it will go ahead. Fingers and toes crossed. However I am finding it a big challenge! (read more…)

1 Decision & it’s Wide Ripple Effects

What if making the change of escape unleashed a plethora of options for you that increase the quality of your life in line with what you envision for your family?
Here’s what happened me in summary. So I decided to escape and… (read more…)