Nothing less than 100%

responsibility image quote

Have you ever heard expressions to the effect….accept 100% responsibility and watch your world change before your eyes? There are many variations of the same idea. (read more…)


Is your haven a treasure or a noose?

How much time do you actually spend in your home each day, each week, month, year etc? Does this feel in balance with the mortgage or rent that you pay for this privilege? More often than not, the answer to these questions is…too little and NO!
(read more…)

Protect and boost your bubble!

Ever feel like no matter how determined you are to really progress your escape, there are events, people and things that pull you away from your goal?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE being in my bubble at home with my munchkins. They are pure and innocent and unaware of all the rubbish that exists outside our home. They are so full of enthusiasm, ideas, creativity, possibility, optimism that it cannot help but be infectious to me. (read more…)


What does ‘do your best’ mean to you?

What is reasonable progress to expect to make in any given day or week or month or year? Pooff…..what a hard question to answer for a person without kids, but as a Mum, it’s even harder as your productivity is largely influenced by your kids. (read more…)

The Gremlin Stopping Your Escape…

What do you think is the biggest obstacle to you realising your escape?

With a lot of the Mums I work with I would say that fear is the biggest obstacle for them.

Fear that they will run out of money. (read more…)