To help you with your Undercover Escape, I have developed a number of simple tools. Have a look through what’s here and see what you feel you need to get your Undercover Escape off to a flying start.

Based on experiences to date, I would recommend the ‘5 Essential Need-to-Knows Before Leaving Your Job’ as a Pre-Exit Checklist’ – this is key to every Mom making a successful Undercover Escape. For less than the price of a nice cup of coffee, it will ultimately make your escape alot smoother.

Your Pre-Exit Checklist

The checklist outlines the 5 essentials you need before exiting your jobs. I’d advise every Mom thinking of an undercover escape to purchase this checklist first. For a nominal cost of c. $3 or £2 – it will save you a tonne of time, money and stress.

Interested, click here to get your copy now.






Work from Home for Moms & Mums in 7 Easy Steps (as seen on Amazon Kindle)


This amazing ebook is available on Amazon Kindle and shows you how you can in 7 easy steps plot your undercover escape for just $3 or £2 . It will help you put all the pieces together to make your Undercover Escape pronto.  Click here to purchase your ebook now.






Undercover Escapee Programs

If you know you want out asap and would like a more personalised guide, then apply for one of our exclusive places on the Escapee Programs. If you are interested in this, read more here as to how you can get your application form for one of these places today.